Corrosion Data Sheet

Corrosion Data Sheet (CoDS)

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Recorded Data

Materials Obtaining route Shape
Electrolytec iron 99.95%Fe melt Plate
Fe-Ni binary alloy Fe-1%Ni melt Plate
Fe-3%Ni melt Plate
Fe-5%Ni melt Plate
Fe-9%Ni melt Plate
Fe-Cr binary alloy Fe-1%Cr melt Plate
Fe-3%Cr melt Plate
Fe-5%Cr melt Plate
Fe-9%Cr melt Plate
Fe-Cu binary alloy Fe-0.4%Cu melt Plate
Carbon steel SM490A market Plate
Weathering steel SMA490 market Plate
SPA-H market Plate
Fe-Si binary alloy Fe-1%Si melt Plate
Fe-3%Si melt Plate
Fe-Al bianry alloy Fe-1%Al melt Plate
Fe-3%Al melt Plate



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