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Creep Data Sheet (CDS)


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Recorded Data:
Creep and rupture data of heat resistant steels

Category Specification
Carbon steels 0.2-0.3C steel
C-Mn steel
Low alloy steels 0.5Mo steel
0.5Cr-0.5Mo steel
1Cr-0.5Mo steel
1Cr-1Mo-V steel
1.25Cr-0.5Mo steel
2.25Cr-1Mo steel
2.25Cr-1Mo-0.3V steel
5Cr-0.5Mo steel
Category Specification
High Cr steels
9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb steel
9Cr-0.5Mo-1.8W-V-Nb-B steel
11Cr-2W-0.4Mo-1Cu-Nb-V steel
12Cr-1Mo-1W-0.3V steel
12Cr-2W-0.4Mo-1Cu-Nb-V steel
Austenitic stainless
18Cr-9Ni steel
18Cr-12Ni-Mo steel
18Cr-10Ni-Ti steel
18Cr-10Ni-Nb steel
18Cr-12Ni-Nb steel
21Cr-32Ni-Ti-Al steel
25Cr-12Ni steel
25Cr-20Ni steel
25Cr-20Ni-Nb-N steel
25Cr-35Ni steel

Creep and rupture data of superalloys

Category Specification
Fe-base alloys
Fe-20Cr-20Ni-20Co-W-Mo-(Nb+Ta) alloy
Fe-21Cr-20Ni-20Co-Mo-(Nb+Ta)-N alloy
Ni-base alloys
Ni-15.5Cr-8Fe alloy
Ni-15.5Cr-2.5Ti-0.7Al-1Nb-7Fe alloy
Ni-15Cr-28Co-Mo-Ti-Al alloy
Ni-19Cr-18Co-4Mo-3Ti-3Al-B alloy
Ni-19Cr-18Fe-3Mo-5Nb-Ti-Al alloy
Co-base alloys Co-25Cr-10Ni-7.5W-B alloy

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What's New

[Jun. 27, 2018] This is to add new Creep Data Sheet No.48B, 56A
[Apr. 06, 2018] This is to add new Creep Data Sheet No.54A, 57A


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